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Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

The weather forecast is in for this week and it has predicted snow for our snow shoveling enjoyment!  In order to prevent back injury from such heavy duty responsibility, Dr. Abrankian has provided for all of his patients, as well as their loved ones, some tips on how to prevent yourselves from being injury-bound this winter season!


 Shoveling snow can help burn the calories, but it can also put people at risk of  heart attack or back injury.

 Proper snow shoveling techniques can reduce back injury or lower your risk of a heart attack.   You should face the snow you’re about to shovel.  Always keep your back straight, your knees bent, and throw the snow forward.  Avoid throwing snow over your shoulder.  Twisting while throwing snow behind you can cause back strain.  In fact, experts recommend that you push the shovel to move the snow and avoid lifting whenever possible.



  • Before shoveling, warm up with a few stretching exercises.
  • Don’t smoke or eat a large meal before shoveling.
  • Tackle heavy snow in two stages.  Begin by skimming off the snow from the top, then remove the bottom layer.  Avoid overloading the shovel.
  • Dress warmly in layers with a hat.  Cover your neck.
  • Don’t try to shovel too much too quickly.  Allow yourself enough time to do the work so you don’t feel rushed.  Follow a slow and steady pace.  Take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch.
  • Drink water during breaks.  Breathing cold air dehydrates the body.

Please pass these tips along to your loved ones so they too can take precautions this winter season.

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