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Workers Compensation at
Abrankian Back & Neck Center

two smiling drivers standing near their trucksInjuries can happen at any moment while you’re on the job. Whether it’s something more common like postural issues from prolonged sitting, or injuring yourself from a fall, we are here to help. At Abrankian Back & Neck Center we have years of experience helping patients relieve their pain, and begin to heal, allowing them to return to work and back to other activities.

We help with common work-related conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, sprains and strains and more!

Chiropractic treatments can help your heal faster and better, and get you back to performing your work related tasks. After you get back to your normal, we will provide you with the care and training you need to to avoid reinjuring yourself.

Digital Postural Analysis

One of the newer technologies we added to Abrankian Back & Neck Center is a posture screen analysis application called ‘Posture Screen Mobile’. This is an amazing tool that can quickly show us what the patient’s  structural alignment looks like.

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