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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Abrankian Back & Neck Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Michael Abrankian

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Patient Reviews

  • Feeling very positive about my visit. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

    -Michael S.
  • You guys are great better than i was feeling a week ago!

    -Zannatun S.
  • Dr. Aliberti was extremely thorough and helpful during my visits. I would highly recommend others to visit this clinic! The staff members are also very nice and helpful.

    -Michelle L.
  • The doctor was accurate in diagnosing and made sure to request x rays to follow with the appropriate treatment plan.

    -Marla A.
  • Very friendly, did not feel rushed.

    -Carl L.
  • Comfortable, Clean, Attentive & Friendly! I had a great first-time experience that is worth recommending to friends. I look forward to continuing my visits!

    -Christopher C.
  • I am very excited to start my treatment and hopeful for the results.

    -Wassilya I.
  • Very compassionate and helpful

    -Cignia N.
  • So glad to find such a great office so close to home!

    -Robert G.
  • I cannot thank Dr. Abrankian enough for the care he gave me and the follow-up phone calls. If he did not continuously check up on me my situation could have been much worse. Thank you SO MUCH. I am very pleased and will be coming back again.

    -Melissa W.
  • First visit, gave me a very good impression. Great practice!

    -Mylynne N.
  • Keep the good work, my first visit was excellent

    -Miguel Z.
  • I want to thank all the staff for the excellent care I was given on my first visit. Each one gave me the best care and front staff very helpful with all paperwork and questions I had. More from Cheryl…»

    I have confidence going forward and in continuing the phases of care, I will be pain-free. Thank you!

    -Cheryl M.
  • Great staff. Very attentive to detail. Made my visit very comfortable.

    -Hector P.

Dr. Michael Abrankian and his staff are friendly and accommodating! They’d made sure to clean the room where they see the patients for each use. We are wearing face mask like they do for safety, and social distancing! -Edith S.
You all make me feel very welcome! When going to doctor’s appointments, it can be difficult for anyone who is transgender and I have felt so comfortable. I wish more offices were like yours! Dr. Abrankian knows what he is doing, has wonderful staff, and during this really challenging time, they have taken precautions to make sure they are efficient, yet socially distant. Plus, my problems are already better after only two visits! -Elissa B.
The doctor is very patient and understanding as well as informative. He jumped on provided the sessions and providing the recommendations required to relieve me of my pain. -Moushumi D.
The doctor and staff are wonderful. These days it’s hard to find doctors that take the time to explain things to you and five their care suggestions as if you were a family member. Thank you. -Donna M.
The staff here is absolutely wonderful. They made me feel comfortable and was very hospitable. It is hard to find a doctors office that shows compassion. I’d recommend this place anyone! -Ashley H.
I just love the attention and the friendly environment. The doctor was very informative and am looking forward to a better tomorrow in my health with the office support. Thank you Janet. -Janet T.
This is my second round with Dr. Abrankian after several years. I am so glad to come back. Dr. Abrankian and his staff are just marvelous professionals :-) Very much looking forward to my next treatment soon. Big thank you to all. -Sergio C.
Everyone in the office is extremely nice & helpful! They made me feel so comfortable at my first appointment, which is super important if people go there in pain to heal. Everything was explained to me, so that I understood what type of condition that I was in. I’m a new patient & am still going there weekly, but I feel like I’ve been going there for years. Thank you! -Sean N.
A patient’s experience starts at the door by the way he/she is greeted by the employees at the front desk. The ladies at the front desk were very welcoming and greeted me with a smile. While at the massage table, the doctors were very attentive and even catered to my cold by handing me some tissues to feel comfortable while I laid down.
– Selin A.
Dr. Abrankian explanations for my diagnosis was very clear. He took his time to explain what was wrong. The staff was very friendly and I was taken on time. Will definitely recommend this center to a friend. -Malisha M.
Super organized. I love it. -Jamie A.
I was really nervous to come here but my friend recommended it and I am delighted i came. Every one was super friendly and very helpful. After having a bad experience at the ER the day before , the doctor really explained and helped me feel comfortable. – Claire T.
This is my initial visit but I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly office staff and the doctor’s caring personality. -Daien R.
The doctor really cared about my well-being, and even though he wanted to help me. He made it perfectly clear that he would need an MRI before he could treat me. It made me feel secure because he cared more about causing me harm than making money for treatment. I don’t trust doctors because I almost died due to one. I trust Dr. Abrankian with my care and I highly recommend him. I will be back with my MRI soon. -Cherise Y.
Wonderful experience being treated today when I was in pain. Everyone was professional, thorough, and I can see myself recovering in no time. Thank you. -Debbie L.
Dr. Abrankian and his staff were very professional and helpful. I was a walk in and was seen right away. The exam was fast but not rushed. Everything was explained well by the the doctor. Dr. Abrankian also took the time to call me when the MRI report was in. It was a very human experience. I highly recommend to anyone with back pain. -Robert D.
My previous experience with a different chiropractor left me very wary. However, Dr. Abrankian listened to my concerns and discussed trying a different treatment for my condition. So far I am optimistic that he and his staff will be able to help improve my current problem and help reduce future occurrences. They have all been very caring and helpful. Thanks!.-Michelle M.
Wonderful experience. Dr. Abrankian explained the root cause of my issues and gave me the most comprehensive care I’ve ever had from a chiropractor. I’m looking forward to beginning my treatment plan and getting back on my feet to resume my exercise program.-Danielle M.
Everyone in the office was very accommodating, professional and informed. I am pleased with my first experience.-Renee L.
Great experience.-Christina V.
Very sensitive, warm, professional with excellent staff and a great doctor. Strongly recommended!-Nazaret K.
So far everything has been great! I am more than happy that I was advised to come to Abrankian Back & Neck Center. -Dorothy P.
Staff is very professional and treat people very good. Help is provided right away. -Erseida M.
I really liked the way Dr. Abrankian treats his patients. He explains everything very well and is very honest. He is also a very warm and caring person. I will most definitely recommend him to anyone I know that is suffering from some kind of pain. The staff was also very sweet and helpful. Thank you to all of you! -Ana Maria R.
Very good initial visit. Nice staff, very well coordinated session and they even had a sign on the front door where the floor slops down and it isn’t obvious, to “watch your step.” I appreciated that. -Jennifer B.
Dr. Abrankian is by far one of the best doctors I have ever experience his knowledge and way of explaining delicate topics was extraordinary. I will definitely recommend his practice to my family and friends. -Robert P.
It was a great experience and I have no doubt that I am in good hands for my illness. The office was clean and the staff members are very respectful and courteous. Also, I love the blog the doctor sent me. There are plenty of relevant information that are helpful. Overall, I loved the experience and I believe that Dr. Abrankian is beyond professional in helping his patients to feel better. -Go-Myung C.
Dr. Michael Abrankian was very professional in explaining my back pain problems. when the x-ray came in, Dr. Michael explained in details the problems. He presented a course of therapy sessions for my rehabilitation. I can say that my problems have improved with the proper treatment and exercises the doctor suggested. I feel very confident that my problems will eventually fade away and go back to my daily activities. Thank you Dr. Abrankian. -Carlos S.
I was extremely pleased with my first visit, from start to finish. The staff were professional, helpful and nice. The doctor was attentive, listened thoroughly, gave me information, explanations and details that I needed. The office was clean, well equipped and comfortable. I feel I will get the attention and make the progress that I desire. Such a great find. Thank you! – Eileen W.
Dr. Abrankian and his staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are extremely polite and continuously check on you to make sure you are okay during your treatment. I had several questions for Dr. Abrankian upon starting my treatment and he answered them both thoroughly and respectfully. I would definitely recommend Dr. Abrankian because I truly believe he has the patient’s best interest at heart. – Alessandra D.

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